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Eco Timber Group introduces our newest product to join it’s range of Charred Timber, Shou Sugi Ban and Yakisugi cladding… ECO BLACKHEADZ self drilling, stainless steel screws.

This new timber screw development by ECO TIMBER GROUP cuts installation timeframes in half, attributed to a unique "spear head” Self Tapping Screw design. ECO BLACKHEADZ are a self drilling screw designed specifically to penetrate Australia’s toughest hardwoods without splitting!

BLACKHEADZ are a high grade stainless steel screw with a unique black coated head. They are perfect for both secret fix or face fixing Charred Timber, Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi cladding / batten applications.

Achieve a perfect installation that reduces labour and time, whilst getting maximum purchase into your timber all in the one timber screw.

BLACKHEADZ are leading the way in a new wave of Charred Timber Fixings, boasting a sturdy 10 gauge fix whilst still offering a neat concealable screw head.

Need Black Screws? Look no further! Eco Timber Group has got the fix you need!