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Top Notch Self Drilling and Tapping Screws

Self-drilling screws designed to reduce the preparation time of a process and enhance the efficiency of a job. By eliminating the need to pre-drill timber, our self-drilling wood screws provide a fast and reliable fastening solution.

BLACKHEADZ - A Superior Quality Self-Drilling Screw

The ECO BLACKHEADZ is a self-drilling screw designed specifically to penetrate Australia’s toughest hardwoods without splitting. Our range of high-performance self-tapping screws ensures a strong bond and are ideal for a range of timber fixing applications.

In the construction sector, quality finishes and the efficiency of a process are of utmost importance. With our innovative products, we wish to simplify tasks for you. There is no need to pre-drill and you have all you need to complete the job. Tough jobs require high-performance components and BLACKHEADZ is built to withstand the toughest of conditions. If you choose to use our black screws for your next project, you can be sure of a secure and firm installation, built to hold and last.

Benefits of self-drilling Blackheadz screws:

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